MS Dhoni reveals his top leadership lessons to be a great leader

Respect is something which one needs to earn and not command for. Dhoni even said that in order to be a great leader, one needs to earn trust and respect from those they are leading. This will help them be successful in life. Elaborating this, Dhoni said in the video, “One important thing about leaders is that you have to earn the respect of the people you are leading. You can’t command or demand respect; you need to earn it. I may hold a position in an institution, and yes, that position needs to be respected, but as an individual in that position, I need to earn that respect. I can’t say, ‘Okay, I’m in this chair, you need to respect me.’ When you have the respect of the people around you, they give maybe 10 or 15 percent more, and that’s what is needed in an environment.”

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