‘Riverdale’ alum Lili Reinhart to star in social media thriller, ‘American Sweatshop’

Lili Reinhart, best known for her roles in Riverdale and Hustlers, is set to star in the upcoming social media thriller, American Sweatshop. The film, produced by Oscar-winner Barry Levinson and showrunner Tom Fontana, delves into the sinister side of the internet, according to Deadline.

American Sweatshop, set against the backdrop of a digitally dominated world, follows Daisy Moriarty (Reinhart) as she navigates her personal life while working in an industry that evaluates harmful social media content. Alongside a quirky team of coworkers, Daisy examines millions of flagged posts with a mix of caution and dark humor. However, when a particularly violent video ensnares her attention, Daisy is drawn out of her secure office and into a perilous journey to seek justice.

Emmy nominee Uta Briesewitz, known for her work on Stranger Things and The Wheel Of Time, will direct the film. Penned by Matthew Nemeth, production is scheduled to begin this summer in Cologne, Germany.

Reinhart expressed her enthusiasm for the project, highlighting the film’s inventive approach to the unsettling impact of online violence.

“Many of us have a story to tell about an experience with the dark side of the internet— and it’s horrifying that the violence we are exposed to on a daily basis is rewiring our brains. American Sweatshop tackles this subject in an inventive and engaging way that had me hooked from page one. I’m thrilled to be working with Uta on this topical and slyly entertaining film”, she said.

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