Saturn and Mars Semi-Sextile on 24th May 2024: Face Challenges With Courage and Conviction

On 24th May 2024, Saturn and Mars will be locked in a unique position in the zodiac. Saturn will be in Aquarius, and Mars will be in the next sign, Pisces, and they will form a deep semi-sextile by being exactly 30 degrees apart. In astrology, planets in a 30-degree relationship are considered a significant alignment.
Saturn, the planet that represents discipline, restrictions, and delays, will be in an adverse aspect with Mars, the fiery planet of energy, passion, and assertive drive.The stage is set when we may have to work hard to achieve even the most trivial goals. Despite making an effort and achieving progress, it may seem like nothing is moving forward or even being blocked by the energy and initiative you put in.


Saturn and Mars are the most apparent opposing forces of restriction and initiation, delay and speed, responsibility and impulsive action, which can cause inner and outer world frictions and tensions. Often, we fall into the trap of procrastination and then overload, alternating between apathetic lack of motivation and impulsive outbursts of rage or hasty decisions. This positioning challenges us to find a way to combine and harmonise the seemingly incompatible features into a productive whole. How we handle commitments, deadlines, disagreements, and sudden turns of events will decide whether we experience the phase successfully or not.

General Advice

The crucial tip for this stage is not to push issues, stay on the ground, deal with your anger, and refrain from overreacting to situations or disagreements impulsively. Know what you are getting into and be ready to do it the hard way to get even the smallest gains. Results will be delayed even though you have done everything required. With a hostile or warlike approach, more difficulties will come along. Discover new ways of letting go of accumulated tension by exercising, sports, or other physical activities instead of negatively directing it against others. Be careful with things like fire, weapons, machines or vehicles to protect yourself from injury.

Career Advice

Your job search will most likely get disrupted or even halted during the period. If you are an upcoming entrepreneur, you may find that the most promising opportunities might get delayed or even derailed by factors you have no control over. Don’t get yourself down or unmotivated. You must be persistent, flexible and open to even the odd jobs or temporary positions to ensure your ability to survive. This is the stage to take your skills to the next level or to acquire new certifications.
Working professionals should be ready to deal with a demanding boss, a rigid policy, an overburdened workload, interpersonal conflicts and power struggles at work. Do not do impulsive and uncalled-for fights over things like authority and prestige, no matter how tempting it could be. Such an act will lead to you losing your place. Concentrate on doing this well instead of wasting time on blaming others.

Finances and Investments

This transit may cause delays, hidden costs, disputes, and other complications in any real estate transaction you engage in. If you can, it is better to wait until the situation calms down and the economy improves before investing in property.
Further, it is better not to buy a car, motorbike, etc., at this time as it is likely that some problems, defects, regrets, or obstacles may occur. At the same time, take good care of your old vehicles by doing regular maintenance and safety checks.
During this transit, it is recommended to shun high-risk, aggressive bets and focus on holding relatively stable, long-term portfolio holdings. Preserving capital should be the main purpose rather than pursuing large gains.

Love and Relationships

It can be pretty turbulent and bring some stress in dating or even new relationships. Potential partners might not reciprocate the adrenaline rush from your frantic and ardent activities and may even be turned off by it. A danger is that you may be seen as too hard-hitting or insistent in your demands. The other person will appreciate it more if you are patient, restrain, and give them space rather than overbearing. Rushing into any commitments during this period is not recommended as they may not last or become causes of frustration.
If committed, don’t pick unnecessary fights over minor details or try to exert power over others. Respect each other’s distance and create space for individual pursuits. If the disagreements that can’t be successfully resolved through effective communication are severe, this may not be the right time for you to make any permanent decisions about your relationship.


The body parts likely to be affected are the skull, face, jaw, teeth, muscles, and bones. Get medical advice and treatment immediately, especially for head, dental or muscular problems. Eat more calcium, protein, and vitamin D to build strong bones and muscles. Develop some gentle exercises that will aid in flexibility improvement and avoid stressful overexertion that may result in injuries. But be extremely careful with anything that involves fire, heat, weapons or machinery.

Remedies and Solutions

Donate food items such as urad dal (black lentils), wheat, and jaggery on Saturday and Tuesday. Continue with Shani (Saturn) pooja and chant the Shani Beej Mantra on a regular basis to neutralise the obstacles imposed by the planet.
Develop the habit of mindfulness practices like pranayama (breathing exercises) to practice patience and deal with anger tendencies. Read philosophical/spiritual texts to find ways to cope with the opposites in life.
Further, devote some of your time to your closest family members who are supportive and thus add to your support system. Maintain a humble attitude and submit in acceptance of the things that are beyond your control; you cannot consistently achieve everything with personal efforts when you are in the difficult phase. Facing life with courage and conviction and believing in a higher power, we can pass through this turbulence and grow into more mature, grounded human beings when we reach the other side.

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